A solution that replaces your post sale service call center and reduces the extra expenditure.


Our customer belongs to a manufacturing cum service industry. They manufacture security devices like CCTV Cameras, Access Doors, Bio metric Access, Retina Access etc. After selling a products, they provide maintenance services.  To provide after product sale service they had a call center setup in place. There were 20-30 people working only to attend the calls and assign the tickets to the respective engineer. Once the ticket assigned to the engineer, engineer needs to visit client location.


  1. Our customer has all premium clients. Each customer had bought more than 1k CCTV cams, 10-15 access doors and multiple other security devices. Once the ticket raised by customer executive it was very difficult for the engineers to identify which specific product has issue.
  2. There was no tool to check the availability of engineers. As per SLA level customer supposed to get service on time or in a given timeframe. It was big pain for the engineers whom to visit first.
  3. Though issue with the product is valid or invalid engineer must to visit to customer site and each engineer’s visit has associated with some cost. There are 1000 engineers are working then it becomes huge cost.
  4. 20-30 people were there for handling the calls only. It was huge expenditure for the organization.


</span> <span style="font-size: 14pt;">Direct Support to Engineers and Customers</span>


We assigned our analysis team to learn complete process and pop-out the problems more precisely. After complete analysis we have drawn out the solution. We designed one system, which has 3 modules. The first module was the customer, second one was the service engineer and third one was the SM and Admin.

We printed unique QR codes for each product. The QR code contained the all information related to that respective product. We pasted those QR codes on the respective products. Whenever issue arises customer needs to scan the QR code. Once the QR code gets scanned, customer can see the field to mention the issue and button to log the ticket. Once the ticket gets logged, then customer can see the auto assigned engineers contact details. He can call him immediately. From the QR code engineer can identify which particular product has the issue. This solved the problem no.1.

In the database we have maintained the customer-wise SLA levels, as ticket gets raised by the customer, it display the SLA and minimum time frame to attend the customer. It solved the problem no 2.

The next step after the ticket raised by customer, the respective engineer gets the alerts on his phone. He can read the all ticket information, can go through the earlier raised ticket for that respective product, and can check the user manual as well.  From the description, if he identifies the ticket is invalid then he can mark ‘Out of scope’ and the support manager approves the ticket is ‘Out of scope’ or not.  It solved the problem number 3.

On ticket we have given ‘Escalate button’, if the auto-assigned engineer isn’t available then he can hit the ‘Escalate button’, then Support manager can assign the available engineer. The escalate button has another feature that is when ticket in in-progress state, the respective engineer need help or more manpower to resolve the ticket he can hit ‘Escalate button’. Then Support Manager solves his difficulty.

After implementation of this complete system. There is no more requirement of call center in place. This automated system reduced the expenditure of the call center. The entire system resolved customer’s problem no. 4. However, we are saving our customer’s 12-14 lacks each month.



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