Mobile App Development

We provide the business solutions with our Mobile app development Services. Not only that, Our Dedicated team and skilled Mobile App developer will work for your need of customised mobile app development & Mobile software Development to create value added mobile applications.

Our passion for providing the best mobility services and  a dedicated mobility user experience design, mobility QA team that is committed to leveraging the unique native capabilities of each device platform. One of the best mobile app development companies that provide services along with customisation on top of the pre-built solutions add value for our customers.

Web App Development

We develope supremely functional websites for businesses and product companies engineered for stability, performance, and long-term adaptability. We work at the intersection of design, technology and marketing; focused on helping customers,organizations achieve business goals and be the best they can be.

Our interactive design approach focuses on clean, high-performance, and search engine friendly websites as well as web responsiveness that represent your business positively.Our website motto is to measurably collect leads, sales and focus on deeper user interaction.

UI/UX Design And Development

Leometric Technology being one of the best UI design companies aim at designing products that deliver a positive experience.  As the one of the best UI consulting companies, use the ‘power of UX/ UI design services’ to create experiences that people love!

With extensive number of apps prevailing in the market, eye- catching designs and prominent user-interfaces are important to entice customers towards your apps. It is importantly believed as the most significant part for mobile apps as different qualities of mobiles are available in the market.


We are web application testing fanatic and we started to write code for web applications first and then started to test. That means, we are blend of testers who know to code and test which results in adding value to our customers for whom we are testing their web apps. Our team in web application testing comprises of exploratory testers and developers who have extensive experience in testing and writing code (Hard-core web developers) for web applications.

The last few years have witnessed an exponential growth in the number and variety of consumer and Enterprise mobile applications, and this Mobile shift in every industry is expected to re-engineer businesses for Mobile responsiveness. Enterprises are expected to ensure a high level of quality in every application in order to compete, prevent loss of productivity, increase revenue, and improve brand reputation.

Support And Maintenance

If you have an existing site or an app and need changes from minor tweaks to major redesign, we can help with low hourly rates. In fact, many times, we help in fractions of an hour (and bill you just the fraction, not a whole hour!). Often, our clients just don’t have the time to update their photographs and images, or add a quick paragraph about a new product or service.