Real Estate

Real Estate has been one of the prominent industry verticals that is considered a key indicator of the economic progress of a nation. It is also one of the first verticals to get impacted by the economic cycles. However, over a long term period, real estate has done exceedingly well in most, if not all, countries across the world. The advent of technology has acted as a catalyst that caused and supported this rapid development. At the centre of this growth is the Real Estate Application Development which has allowed a flurry of Mobility Solutions for Real Estate to be made available in the market.

Types Of Real Estate Mobile Apps

These real estate mobile apps that have caused the current revolution through which real estate companies interact with their customers, employees and suppliers belong to the following categories

  • Enterprise Solutions Apps – These apps focus on employee productivity enhancement and streamlining of real estate processes
  • Customer-Centric Apps – focus on reaching out to, engaging and retaining customers to eventually close the deal
  • Property Management Apps – with a specialized focus on management of official or residential property

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