In our busier life, we miss out on prioritising what is important while work keeps taking more and more of our life and mind-space. This is where lifestyle apps can help users prioritise their critical tasks that must not be missed. Here, lifestyle is a mixture of fashion, travel, health, recreation, culture and leisure.

Below are some representative examples of lifestyle apps:

  • Fashion apps – introducing you to the latest trends in fashion and corresponding deals
  • Birthday reminder apps – remembering birthdays can make or break your relation, especially at a young age
  • Holiday apps or holidays notification app – keep a tab on the upcoming holidays and plan your travel
  • Travel apps – helps you plan your travel to the last ‘t’, thus ensuring that you have the most perfect holiday and travel experience
  • Medicine reminder apps – this is a helpful app for those who survive on the regular dosage of medicines
  • Communication apps – to help keep in touch with a group of friends and allow files and video sharing

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