The traditional education system is rapidly getting replaced by more and more advanced technological solutions.Initially it was the internet and now it is the mobile technology revolution that is affecting the way educational institutes interact with students and their parents. Mobile apps for education are redefining the way the institutes interacted with their ecosystem. The only condition is that all of them should have a smart phone, which is not a steep barrier, especially in the urban context. These educational apps keep the parents informed of their children’s progress directly and without allowing the bias of their kids, which is a great relief to the parents as many have claimed. It also helps the parents know of the upcoming events in schools or colleges.

School Mobile Apps

So how do these school mobile apps work and make life easier for all the stakeholders? These mobile apps for schools do this by providing features such as

  • Sending absentee notes to parents
  • Latest course information on target mobile apps directly
  • Pop-up messages and alerts
  • Newsletters
  • Class schedules and changes to schedules
  • Inbuilt homework, progress and schedule tracker
  • Online payment systems

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